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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review

There comes a time in which we all reach an age, a time in our life where we can’t do what we are best at anymore, where you realize you just don’t have it in you anymore. Sometimes we don’t accept that fact, but sometimes we accept it and realize that our days of doing that something are over. What if we voluntarily quit? What happens in the situation that we are pressured into going back to that something? Nathan Drake is a fortune hunter, a man who has been living a dangerous life since a very young age. After the events of the third game, Nathan decided to leave that life behind and replace it with a normal one.



Just as I mentioned, the games story is about Nathan Drake reaching a point in his life where he can’t go around the world looking for treasure. After the events of Uncharted 3, he decided to call it a day and live a normal life with his wife. The game does a great job with flashbacks and blends them in perfectly. In the last game, we had the chance to see Nathan Drake at a young age, but it was quite brief. In “A Thief’s End” the flashbacks help the story start off and help us meet the character who starts the whole adventure. The character I speak of is Nathan Drakes brother, Sam Drake. After being shot during a prison escape, Sam mysteriously reappears at Nathans office. Sam explains that he needs Nathans help to find a treasure, which will the payment for the aid Hector Alcazar gave him to break out of prison. This time around the story is very personal and not based on Nathan Drakes thirst for fortune. Family can be a plot considered cliché by many, but in this case Naughty Dog has done great work. It puts you into the shoes of Nathan and you really feel for him. I found myself questioning what I would do in this sitation multiple times in the game. From all the Uncharted games, this is the most emotionally charged. Hands down this is my favourite story in the series.



Naughty Dog once again have amazed me with what they can do with Sony’s hardware. I am truly surprised with how good this game looks this early on. As much as it surprises me, it also worries me. Part of me fears that this might be the high point for Playstation 4 graphics and anything after this will be either sub-par or on-point with this and not better. Everything in this game looks excellent. Nathan looks tired and as if he doesn’t want to really be there. You can see he is emotionally tired. Aging is very apparent in characters faces, skin and hair. Nathan has grey hairs and wrinkles, Sam’s forehead is full of wrinkles and his hair is slowly going away and Elena just looks like she has had enough of Nathans antics. One character who scared me with his old age is Sully. Now you must of read that and thought “Wow this guy is scared of old people?”. We all have grandparents who are aging and when they reach a certain age you can see that they are slowly reaching the end of their life. Sully is a my favourite character in the series and to see his age show really scared me. It got me thinking about his presence if they do make another Uncharted. The main event of the graphics department are the levels in this game. Every single area you visit looks beautiful. May it be a jungle, the sea, a snowy graveyard or a beach house, it is all breathtaking. So far this is the best looking console game of this generation.


The team has significantly improved on the classic formula. Everything feels smoother and faster. Nathan feels a little heavier, but natural. Gunplay is the best it has been in ages. This time around Naughty Dog have added a new piece of equipment in the game, which really adds to the feeling of the combat. Nate can now use a rope to reach higher areas or swing from point to point. The rope can be used in combat, as you can latch on to a point and swing into a group of enemies. In my experience I find that the rope made combat feel a little more cinematic and epic.

Uncharted will go down as one of the greatest Sony exclusive series of all time, maybe even one of the greatest game series of all time. Naughty Dog prove once again that they only deliver quality and no matter how long it takes, the wait is always worth it. Question here is where do they go from here? Do they make an Uncharted spin-off or will we be seeing a new Last Of Us game at E3 come June. Whatever they decide to do next I am sure will be of high quality and will most probably a hit. Our multiplayer review will be coming soon, due to wanting some more time with it. In conclusion please go buy this game if you have a PS4 and for those who are on the fence about buying a PS4, this game will sell you.

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