Top ten games of 2016

Number Ten: Gears Of War 4

The XBOX One since its launch has been struggling to play catch-up since the “always online” debacle. For some odd reason this generations exclusives have been average on both consoles, but Microsoft in the last year or so decided it was time to turn the tables. Aside from the Halo series, the other huge series on the 360 was Gears of War. Epic Games created three excellent main games, that are still loved and played via backwards compatibility. Since it was announced that the series was going to be picked up by a new studio called The Coalition, fans have been on the edge hoping that the game does not flop. Well from the fact that it is on this top ten list, I think you can tell that it didn’t flop. The game introduces new characters that are just as likeable as the old cast and new enemies that are brutal as the last. Gameplay is as strong as ever with many tweaks and fixes to the formula. Multiplayer is back and as good as ever with the addition of a pack system, in which you can get skins, emblems and other goods. Overall the Coalition do the series justice and ensure the fans that Gears is in good hands.

Number Nine: Street Fighter V

I really fought myself to not put this game on the list, but im a sucker for fighting games, especially Street Fighter. After the extremely strong fourth entry and an eight year life cycle, the hype for a fifth entry in the series was bigger than ever. Fans were getting restless, so they started speculating. Some were saying that Capcom was going back to the Third Strike style of gameplay/cast and others said that it would only have Ryu and Ken alongside a completely new cast. In the end we got an awesome yet small cast of fighters, but great new additions were made like Necalli and fan favourites made a comeback like Nash. Gameplay wise, this is probably the strongest game since Third Strike. Capcom decided to make it a little easier just to make it easier for new players to jump in, but the difficulty/learning curve is still steep. Online since release has gotten better and much more bearable. Now I understand that the launch was a hot mess, but I respect that Capcom got their act together and gave us a good game by the end of the 2016. As consumers we shouldn’t allow companies to get away with giving us semi-finished products, but when I see them trying I will look the other way and let them fix the situation.

Number Eight: Overwatch

Blizzard did it again. Anything this company makes is good, even when they make a game in a genre they have not touched. To some, Overwatch might look like another team based/objective based/ role based first person shooter, but once played, the gamer truly understands the greatness that is Overwatch. Easy to get into, but very hard to master, this is the ultimate truth about this game. Blizzard gives you the option if you want to play casual or more competitive, showing that they listen to their fan-base and try to make everyone happy, but also bring in a plethora of different gamers. Characters are all unique and fun to play, maps are a good size and easy to learn. Now there is one issue and that is the price. Overwatch is a multiplayer only game and the price is quite steep, but this is your type of game then the price will not be an issue. If you haven’t already played this, do yourself a favour go buy it.

Number Seven: Titanfall 2

When the XBOX One launched, the killer app was considered to be Titanfall. A game in which you can play as a regular soldier and when enough points are accumulated, a titan. Sadly, even though the game was extremely fun and loved, there wasn’t enough content for a multiplayer only game, pressuring the fan base to eventually move on to other games. Respawn entertainment proved that they had skill, but they needed to prove that they could hang with the big companies. Eventually Respawn decided to right their wrongs by making the game multi-platform and making a single-player. Titanfall returned to rave reviews and love by every gamer who played it. Gameplay was perfected and the multiplayer had more content and reason to keep playing. The best part of this game was the single player. In an age where most people skip the single player of an FPS, Respawn delivered the best campaign since Modern Warfare. All characters actually have a soul, the story is interesting and the game makes you care about what happens on screen. The set-pieces are amazing for a shooter and it almost feels like an old-school campaign from the early 2000s. Now there is some bad news. Titanfall 2 came out around the time that Battlefield 1 and Infinite Warfare came out, so many people overlooked it. You must be asking yourself right now who cares? Well the company cares, sales were not the strongest, making Titanfall 3 a big IF. If you see this game and like FPS support it, because we need a third entry.

Number Six: Battlefield 1

First person shooters since Modern Warfare have been stuck in the modern ages. Nowadays companies are obsessed with setting their first person shooters in the future. The usual excuse is that they are trying something “new” and that they want to try to get that twitch shooter feeling from the 90s popular again. Sadly people don’t want the futuristic setting over and over again, because it is slowly becoming stale just like World War 2 became in the early 2000s. DICE after Battlefield 4 wanted to take their sweet time with the next entry in the series, so they can give the fans an amazing and fresh experience. To our complete surprise DICE decided to send us back in time to a much more violent war. DICE sent Battlefield to the first World War. That period of time has not been touched in a long time, which got old school fans interested again and new fans were curious to see what the whole craze was from back in the day. Ladies and gentlemen, DICE delivered the most complete Battlefield experience in ages. The single player didn’t have one linear story, instead it had multiple bite sized war stories that emulate a sit down with grandparents. The multiplayer is the strongest in a long time and does the period justice. Everything about this game is excellent , from sound to visuals to gameplay everything is spot on. Well done DICE, you guys deserve to be the top FPS makers.

Number Five: Doom

ID games had a rough time coming up with a continuation for the Doom series. It took them 12 years to release a new one and in between that they released RAGE which to many is considered a mega-flop. Now how do you follow up an amazing game like Doom 3? Well just like DICE, they went back in time. No ID didn’t take Doom to World War 1, but instead they took Doom classic gameplay and brought it to the modern era. ID took metal music, blood/gore, badass silence, guns, fast gameplay and hell, put them into a pot and gave us this game. Im not really sure how to describe this game other than fast, bloody, chainsaw, cool gun Satan game. Overall it is a love letter to old school first person shooters, proving that you don’t need action movie explosions and story to make a badass first person shooter. This game is very much made for kids who grew up with Wolfenstein, Quake and Doom and of course metal heads.

Number Four: The Last Guardian

Team Ico is hands down one of the best game companies ever. They have made cult classics such as Ico and Shadow of The Colossus, which have also received HD ports on the playstation 3. Those two games have inspired many other companies and are loved by many to this day. In 2007, the company announced Project Trikko which eventually became The Last Guardian. The game was described to be very demanding and that it would create an A.I character extremely advanced, almost like having a pet. Years would go by and E3 would pass with little to none footage or even information. Nine years later, The Last Guardian was released and no matter what it would not disappoint. This series is so loved that even if the game was garbage people would complain but still be happy that it came out. Good thing about the situation is that the game was excellent. Trikko feels like a pet with a mind of its own and it projects natural emotion to the main character. Gameplay can be a little wonky at times, but everything else is so good you overlook it. The journey in this game was worth the wait.

Number Three: Firewatch

Personally I don’t play that many indie games and it is very rare that I do, so when I picked up Firewatch I was little nervous that I was dishing out cash for something that might not be too great. I was proved extremely wrong. Firewatch was and still is amazing. The story is very mature and fresh in a world where games are constantly about some bad guy exploding something or killing someone. Firewatch concentrates on human relations and how what we say effects others. Hands down this is the most human game ever. The characters you see and hear feel like actual people with real feelings. Firewatch is set in a huge park/forest and the visuals are simply impeccable. Multiple times I got distracted by random things and started exploring. Everything about this game is perfect and it helped me feel more confident about getting into indie games.

Number Two: Final Fantasy XV

Here is another game that took forever to arrive. Hell, the game even had its name changed from Final Fantasy Versus 13 to Final Fantasy XV. When a game takes long fans tend to get really nervous, especially when it takes ten years and the last main series entry sucked (yes the 13 games were horrid). Ladies and gentlemen, the kick is good, it’s a homerun, Final Fantasy XV doesn’t suck. Everything is great about this game. I love the character dynamics, the four guys felt like real best friends. The overall story felt like a journey, of course with a couple of faults but nonetheless good. Gameplay isn’t turn based and has taken a more “action” approach but still top notch. Visuals are stunning and there is a crazy amount of stuff to do in the open world. This game is a love letter to the fans and hands down one of the best Final Fantasy games in a long time.

Number One: Uncharted 4

Back in 2006 when I got my Playstation 3 I got a game on the side called Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. It blew my mind at the time cause of the “revolutionary” graphics, smooth gameplay and I really loved Indiana Jones so it was an easy sell. Years later, Naughty Dog released Uncharted 2 and I thought to myself cant get any better than this, which of course it did cause they gave us Uncharted 3. Question is could it have gotten any better? Sure as hell it can, because they are Naughty Dog and for some reason everything they have made so far is simply perfect. Now take this choice with a grain of salt, because I love everything Sony so I might sound a little biased. In reality though this is my list and my opinion so who cares, let us know what you think in the comment section. Back to my top pick of the year now. I have no idea how it was possible but they perfect the Uncharted gameplay formula and the addition of the grappling hook helped me create some awesome action/ Indiana Jones moments. The graphics were top notch, simply stunning to the point where I would stop and just look around because I feel like I am actually there. The characters feel familiar and still fresh to return to, with excellent, fun and interesting relationships. I love listening to the characters talk and react to each other. Now the story isn’t the strongest, but it felt right to close the chapter of Nathan Drake. If Naughty Dog announced that we will never get another Uncharted game I would be happy with the fourth installment being the final installment. Personally, I have never been able to get into the multiplayer so I can’t say much about it. Overall this game was worth the wait and the perfect send off for Drake.

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