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The Vision #5 (2016)

During Secret Wars I was really wondering how Marvel was going to “reboot” everything. A long with

the announcements of the “All New-All Different” line of comics for the classic series, Marvel announced

a couple of new series. One of those series was “The Vision”, which really caught me off guard and

curious. Now after four issues and this fifth one, I can safely say that this is one of my favourite series of

all time. Ladies and gentlemen, issue five is super intense. Five starts off where four ended, with a dead

kid and a father beaten within an inch of his life. One is in the morgue and one is in the hospital and

Visions wife is on edge. Lucky for her a detective arrives to their house and requests Vision to come in

for questioning. The wife doesn’t take it too well and in her nervous robot shiver, she breaks the table

freaking the kids out. The whole interrogation scene is quite intense, because you can really feel Visions

emotions through his dialogue and eventually you see how uncomfortable he is with his actions. Issue

five does an excellent job continuing the story and leaving you want more. So far this series has been

super consistent and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Overall I really enjoyed how

human they make these synth characters feel. This series is something really special so please go buy

this issue.

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