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The Unbelievable Gwenpool #1 (2016)

Over the past couple of years, the comic book world has seen a rise in the popularity of an unlikely hero.

That unlikely hero, is the dumbest, most immature, irresponsible human to ever exist on the 616-earth

and his name is Deadpool. Now I am not going to deny that I read a ton of Deadpool comics, but lately I

feel it has become too much. Although I love the main series, I don’t like the side comics they release for

him. For example, “Deadpool and the Mercs for money” is horrible so far and aside from review

purposes, I would not touch it again after that first issue. Everyone has become so aware of his

popularity, that even in the book itself he is the most popular hero ever and has become almost richer

than Tony Stark. After the Spider-Verse storyline, Spider-Gwen got her own series and was released to

high praise. This success, brought a great idea to the people at Marvel. The “great” idea I speak of is

Gwen-Pool. She appeared in Howard the Duck issue one and since then caught a small following and

now she has her own solo series.

Im going to start with the art of this book. The art style fits the character and matches the silly tone of

the book. Gwen-pools art style is very cartoony, silly, colorful and helps the reader understand what

they are getting into right from the cover art. So far so good right? Well the truth is that is the best part

of this book. Gwen-pool as a character needs to be worked on. She is lost in between unique character

and girl version of Deadpool. It is unclear what the writers want her to be and a lot of times they seem

lost with what they were doing. At moments when the Deadpool side is coming out, it feels pressured,

cringe worthy and a tad annoying. Now you can tell “well what did you expect, that’s the point of the

character” and I do agree with that, but when Deadpool is being, well Deadpool, it feels natural and

actually funny. Overall I did not find this book very funny. Gwenpool does not have a healing factor and

die just like any of us. The whole thing with her character is that she enjoys killing, explosions, bad

humor and that she is from another universe. In this first issue there isn’t much story obviously, but

even in the end when MODOK appears, it feels purposeless. Action is this book is quite plentiful, but

feels a little boring due to her lack of power. Honestly I did not expect much from this book and in the

end did not get much from it. I really cannot recommend this book, because you can just go read the

main Deadpool series, which is funnier, has better action, can be serious and has a better story. If you

are really curious get this issue, but I am really hoping the next issue is better than this train wreck.

What do you think?

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