The Guardians of future past

Since the very beginning of the Marvel cinematic universe back in 2008, comic books began to gain more and more followers that were new to the scene. Families and casuals were enjoying the movies, so aside from buying the merchandise, they decided to take a trip to their local comic book shop. Superhero books have not always been very mainstream, to the extent that Marvel early on gave away certain licenses like X-Men away to Sony and Fox. The reason for this, was their lack of hope in comic books going forward that much longer or at least superhero films themselves. Now after 16 Marvel movies and millions of dollars made, the popularity of the movies is beginning to dictate or at least influence how writers continue certain books.

One of the main books that has been affected is Guardians of the Galaxy and all of its incarnations. Many fans might want to kills us for saying this, but as good as the Guardians were before the movie, they were not as popular as some might like to believe. A lot of heads turned and asked if a Guardians movies was really coming out when the announcement came. For every fan who loved the idea, there were probably two more whom were either indifferent or were not too confident in it. It was an odd period of time, because we had seen heroes like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, whom even though had their unrealistic parts, they were movies that attempted to keep realistic elements intact. Eventually the worry of Guardians being a horrible movie were washed away, when it was released to high praise. It had everything to keep the casual fan’s interest and did an excellent job to impress comic book fans. James Gunn delivered a film with excellent visuals, fun story and well done humour. After such great success, an obvious sequel was announced but something more interesting happened. The comics saw a boom in sales and interest, but they were also beginning to show the writers influenced by the movie. Characters were acting more like their movie counterparts and the team was cut down to the movie roster. There is nothing wrong with this, if anything it is quite enjoyable, but some fans have expressed some worry. The reason for the stress is that they fear Marvel will begin to write their books with the films in mind in order to gain more casual followers.

As the years pass by, more and more movies are being made. Their popularity only grows and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Please understand, we are not claiming to know Marvel’s plans, instead this something we have noticed. What do you guys think? Are you worried or excited about Marvel writing their books with the movies in mind?

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