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Superman # 3 Rebirth Review

Thank God Doom DC finally releases issues twice a month, because with great storylines I don’t think I can wait long. After having the perfect scene between Jonathan and Kathy end in Jon falling from the tree and getting hurt, it left me curious on what this can mean. Issue number three starts off with the Super-Family going to the fortress of solitude in order to run some tests on Jon to see what is wrong with him. When the family walks into the fortress, they quickly realize they aren’t alone. Superman tells his family to stay back and his temper reaches a high point as he sees that the person in there is the Eradicator. Without a second thought, Clark attacks the Eradicator, but when his family was in danger the Eradicator saves them. The fight ends and they start the tests. This issue does an excellent job of explaining Jonathan’s powers, but also was an excellent introduction of this enemy to newcomers. I have stated in the reviews of the past two issues, is that I love the whole family dynamic. I loved how Clark reacted full force when he realized there could have been a chance that his family was in danger. Reading this I felt his emotion and edge while having a threat in the same room as his people. Overall this issue shows that the writers can action just as well as story. Once again Superman does not disappoint and gives us another excellent issue with the coolest ending page I have seen in a long time.

Superman # 3 Rebirth Review

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