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Superman #2 Rebirth Review


Something that is very apparent in the Rebirth line of comics is consistency. All the books are keeping their quality so far and Superman is no different. The last issue was a great introduction to the new storyline and characters and now it is time for the action to start. Issue one ended with Super-dad telling his son to come with him quickly and quietly. The second issue opens with Superman answering a distress call from a coast guard icebreaker with his son in order to show him some things. Of course Superman saves the men from the ship and out of nowhere a huge tentacle monster breaks through the ice. The action scene that occurs is perfect, because it is able to keep the action, all while keeping the father son dynamic on the forefront. The dialogue between the two during this scene and post-fight is excellent, because it really shows that Jonathan really wants to make his dad proud. Something I really enjoyed about this issue was the pacing. Everything felt natural and heartfelt. Now for those who are expecting more action, well you are out of luck, but you should go read Action Comics. After the huge fight, we go back to the house and we get to see Jonathan do what he does best. That something I speak of is be a young boy. Just like Clarke had Lana, Jonathan will have Kathy. The two share an excellent scene on a tree branch. New 52 characters felt overly dark, gritty and realistic, which ruined the immersion. This issue alone has shown more humanity and heart than most New 52 books did in a ten issues. In conclusion this issue continues this great storyline and its ending leaves you excited for the next one. Superman issue two is a must buy for everyone.

Superman #2 Rebirth Review

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