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Superman #1 Rebirth Review

DC has promised more of a return to the classic formula rather than a reboot with rebirth and honestly that is a good thing. DC finally realized that starting over is a pain for everyone, so they took all the best parts of the old DC and the “New 52” DC and made a greatest hits album which is Rebirth. Now if you haven’t heard by now the “New 52” Superman died and “Pre-New 52” Superman who has been hiding in the world has taken his place. This Clarke Kent is a farmer, married to “Pre-New 52” Lois Lane and has a son named Jonathan. Aside from these added relationships, this Clarke is much more experienced and has almost nothing left to prove. I mean what else is there for him to learn? The first issue of Superman shows off the Man of Steels newest and greatest challenge yet, being a father. The writers of this book give us the refreshing point of view of the super son. Growing up, we all have the scary thought of how we can live up to our parent’s legacy or surpass it and it stresses us out as we reach adulthood. Now imagine if your dad was Superman, a man who has saved the planet countless times, is extremely powerful and is a member of the Justice League. Jonathan is a very likeable character and you really feel for his situation. This book also shows us how Super-kid is dealing with his new found powers and how he trains alongside his father. There a couple of moments in this book where we see Jonathan making mistakes and acting like a child, so the reader can actually relate and understand how it would be having powers as a young kid. Overall this book is extremely refreshing and is probably one of the best books in rebirth. Next time you visit your comic store do not hesitate to buy this and make sure to put it on your follow list.

Superman #1 Rebirth Review

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