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Superfight ready to dominate party games

Hey everyone have you ever thought that George W. Bush could collect all the dragon balls and defeat a shark with a horde of goblins attacking Kyoto? No, well neither have I but Superfight a brand new party game has hit the market and is ready to take control of everyone’s wallets. In this game one person is designated to be the villain and everyone else are the heroes and you can have fun nerdy debates on who would beat the villain, and the range of choices go from Mister Rogers to Child Beauty Pageant Queen to my personally favourite a Furry and countless more options to chose from. carousel-item-6

Mr.Rogers using a magic dildo to defeat a horde of mini supermen in the streets of Abuja.  (the capital of Nigeria)

After searching the internet for a good total of 5 minutes to find people playing I found my main man Total Biscuit playing this game on Tabletop Simulator in Steam and he laughed so hard that it causedhim to go to the hospital because he was complaining about pain from laughing too hard, and if that doesn’t sell the game I don’t know what will. If the article hasn’t made you want to play this amazing card game than I have a special treat for you me, Kevinstacks, Billstacks, and an undecided friend will be playing this game and posting on the Youtube channel of Comicstacks and as the saying goes for all things gaming keep it on


Superfight ready to dominate party games

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