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Spidey #4 (2016)

Finally issue four of Spidey, AKA the best current Spider-Man comic book out there. I cannot hide that

this series is extremely consistent and since issue one, has not dropped in quality. What can I say

anymore about this book? It is awesome and is the perfect fix, if you want a younger, less mature

Spider-Man. This issue starts off with Peter asking for one simple thing, the simplest thing a young hero

can ask for, a day off. We can all agree that being in high-school all while being a superhero is a rough

deal and for Peter both keep him extremely busy at a constant rate. Surprisingly, he gets the day off and

decides to go to a museum/art exhibit. An odd choice for a young man in high school, but he fights

weird maniacs in awkward spandex suits, so I am not going to judge. Five seconds into his visit at the

museum, his spider-senses tingle and of all the villains he can find there, he sees one who belongs to the

first superhero family. The villain I speak of, is of course Doctor Doom. I really liked how simple the story

of this issue was. It was straightforward to the point and ultimately delivered. Of course the Doom at the

museum was a doom-bot, the real Doom was planning something else, something bigger. Action in this

book feels cartoony, but it has been done correctly. This entire series feels like the 90’s tv show mixed

with a more modern cartoon/cinematic Spider-Man. Dialogue between Doom and Spidey is very

interesting. It takes a very serious turn, yet still feels like it belongs in this book. There is not much more

I can say about this issue. It is short, sweet, to the point and extremely fun. This issue impressed me

more than the main series issue that came out this week. Please do yourself a favor and instead of

buying the dud that is Gwenpool, buy this issue of Spidey and have fun.

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