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Spiderman #2

Finally after some time and plenty anticipation, the second issue of the “All New, All Different” Spiderman has been released to the masses. A little recap of the first issue is needed, before I get to the review. In the first issue Miles Morales is dealing with school, but also with something a little less stressful. That less stressful thing is simply fighting Blackheart, a villain who had singlehandedly defeated the Avengers. No pressure right? Well let’s face it, poor Miles is probably changing his mind about being a hero. The second issue starts right where the first one left off, with Miles going toe to toe with Blackheart. Thankfully he does and it is quite entertaining. Original Spiderman, Peter Parker shows up and questions Miles about what happened. Peter starts talking to Miles about what it is being Spiderman and its pressures, but then suddenly Blackheart attacks the two and we have an awesome Miles and Peter team-up. Eventually the dust settles, the Avengers recover and praise Miles. I really enjoyed the dialogue between the two Spidermen, because it really shows Peter as a role model, a veteran hero and Miles as a kid, who just wants to do good. Overall this issue was pretty good with a couple of minor weaknesses in Miles life storyline. In conclusion this is a series to follow from now and on, with Miles making his presence known as the new Spiderman.

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