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Spider-Man #1

Ladies and gentlemen the old school Marvel universe has died and long live the “All new All different” Marvel Universe. We have six million Avengers comics and Spiderman is no different. We have Amazing-Spiderman, Spidey and now regular, every day, vanilla, no questions asked SPIDER-MAN. Yay, more Peter Parker! Oh wait im sorry, the voice in my earpiece is telling me that it is not Parker, ok perfect then who is it? Oh ladies and gentlemen it is Donald Glover Spider-Man Myles Morales (MAKE THAT MOVIE MARVEL!).
So how was the return of Myles Morales in his “All new, All different” solo series? The book starts off with the likes of Sam Wilson Captain America, Iron Man, Vision, She-Hulk and Scarlet Witch laying on the ground of a destroyed New York defeated. The only two standing are (Ultimate) Spiderman and Blackheart. Spiderman is holding his damaged shoulder, Blackheart says something scary and then we cut to earlier that day. As the book progresses we see the teen side of Myles. I enjoyed reading the dialogue between Ganke and Myles. It was light hearted, fun and is exactly what you would expect from two college kids. Personally I love this duo and hope they have more real life segments in the issues to come. Some might say that it was annoying, but what else did you expect from a college kid! If you want to be a dark and brooding fedora warrior go read batman. Towards the end of the issue we get to the action, in which we see Spiderman handle blackheart all on his own after the Avengers have been defeated. This was a little questionable to me, but maybe they will reveal something next issue.
A comic book can have an amazing story, but if the artwork is not pleasing to the eye, the art will be its downfall. In this case the artwork is not the greatest at first, but as you read on, it grows on you and I can say I think it goes well with the character. The colours are a little darker which in my opinion helps the overall tone of the book. Overall Spiderman issue one is above average, but it is to be expected. This is the first issue so we cannot expect anything more than an introduction to the main character and villain. Those who don’t know much about Myles will not learn much more, but will get the gist of his character. Same goes for Blackheart, he just appears, does bad guy stuff and that’s pretty much it. Personally I would suggest to pass on this issue, but keep an eye out for issue two.

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