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Roman Reigns must leave with the Universal title at Summer Slam

If you are a WWE fan or at the very least a pro wrestling fan, you have heard the name Roman Reigns. The pro wrestling community as a whole or at least the majority of it can agree that Vince’s golden boy was a bit of a failed experiment at creating a top guy. He was pushed to the top way too fast and given to much right away before he can create any type of connection with the fans as a singles competitor.

Now since Wrestlemania, after he defeated the Undertaker and probably retired him, Roman has had major heat. Though it has been unclear if he leaned towards face or heel, crowds and fans online have been very vocal about their distaste for him. Now I will admit that he has been having a great feud with Braun Strowman, but he still isn’t the top guy Vince wants him to be. Until now that is. Over the past few episodes of RAW, creative have been building up a Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins team-up. These two guys had a great feud, that made it seem like they were never getting back together. On the 14th of August episode of RAW, the two finally did the Shield hand pose, got a tag title match for Summer Slam and made it clear that part of the band is back together.

In my opinion, it would be dumb for the two of them to lose against Sheamus and Cesaro. To an extent it makes the whole build up meaningless or at least underwhelming. So first off, the two must win the titles and if that occurs then Roman must win too. If Reigns does not win, then the whole Ambrose/Rollins storyline will not feel as complete. As much as we don’t want Reigns with the main title, it would be a great time to put him in the Shield with the title. Depending on if they are heels or faces, he gains more than he loses. If the Shield go heel, Roman can use it to his advantage and help give them more heat. The Samoan can also play the leader role, which has the potential to make fans hate him even more. If the Shield go face, the love for the stable itself and the Ambrose/Rollins duo can give Reigns a pass. What I mean is that, if the three are booked like they were, Reigns will be the quiet muscle who leads and makes the final decision. When playing that role, he almost works as an anti-hero, someone who will go against anything and anyone that goes against his “family”.

These thoughts and opinions might not be popular and this is my first gander at writing about pro wrestling, so please take it easy on me. For those of you reading and yelling at the screen because I want Reigns to win, please remember to take a moment and have fun with the product, let them tell you their story. In conclusion, I will say this once and only once, Roman Reigns must win the universal championship.

Thank you for reading and FUCK THE REVIVAL!

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