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Pierce The Veil-Misadventures Track by track review

Pierce the veil is an established name in the post-hardcore scene and has been for quite a few years. Their last outing called “Collide with the sky” was released in 2012 and had a mainly positive reception from fans and critics alike. It hit number one in the U.S on the Billboard alternative, hard rock and rock chart. This album sky rocketed the band into stardom and it spawned crazy amounts of touring and made tons of new fans. Personally I had heard their older stuff and enjoyed a couple of their songs like Besitos and Caraphernelia, but I still decided to pick their album up. Just like everyone else I loved it and had it on replay for a good year. Eventually I started to feel the record get rusty and I was reading rumours on a new album that would come in late 2013. That album just like Duke Nukem Forever kept getting delayed and pushed back. Now after four years the new album called “Misadventures” is out and I can confirm that I am very happy with this album.


Track 1: Dive In

“Dive In” starts the album off with this odd feedback sound and kicks into Tony Perry tapping on the lower strings of his guitar with a thick sounding tone. I love how the beginning of this track sounds like it is a continuation from “Hold on till May”, which is the last track of the last album that also ends with feedback. Right away the band makes it clear that the sound is progressing and so are they. The lyrics give us the idea of Vic trying to help a friend whom might be addicted to drugs. The said friend doesn’t seem to always accept Vics help and pushes him away, but eventually asks him for it but Vic doesn’t want to deal with his drama anymore. The different sides of the lyrics really show off that Vic is in pain that his friend is going through this but he also feels bad that in a way he is giving his friend tough love “And just because you’re screaming for my attention does not mean I will waste my time so hold your breath and swim under the ice”. The instrumentation is really good and just like the lyrics, you can hear the discomfort, hardship and tiredness. Overall this is an excellent opener and oddly I keep listening to it, which I almost never care about opening tracks.

Track 2: Texas Is Forever

This is one of the three lead singles off this album, so at this point we have all heard it. When I first heard this track it caught me really off-guard. I was not expecting something a little more punk than usual. It took me quite a few listens, but eventually it was the chorus that grabbed a hold of me and hooked. Texas is forever is a fast paced song that keeps going and never looks back. Lyrics are a little old school Pierce The Veil, but slightly upgraded. Once again another good track and most probably a track that will be a live favourite.

Track 3: The Divine Zero

The Divine Zero has been out since the summer of 2015. It is the first single of this album and from all the songs on this album it is the closest to the “Collide With The Sky” era. Zero almost sounds like a B-Sides song from “Collide With The Sky” but fixed up. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing and the song is quite fun to listen to, but personally after listening to it for almost a year I wanted something new. Zero is very similar to Drown by Bring Me The Horizon. Both tracks felt old by the time the album came out and the album version had very minor changes. Lyrics once again lean towards the drug theme which makes it feel a little more tired. This is the last track that includes the old school style of Pierce the Veil instrumentation. Overall this is an alright song and will be a blast to sing to at a show.


Track 4: Floral & Fading

From this point and on, I feel the album goes into complete different territory and brings into the “Misadventures” era. Hands down this is one of the best songs the band has ever written. Floral starts off with an annoying distorted vocal track, but once the instruments kick in you feel like you’re listening to a different band. This song proves that they are slowly easing the fans into the idea of maturing their sound and they pull it off. Floral has this alternative rock, borderline brit-pop sound which is mixed with post-hardcore elements. Lyrics in the beginning felt like the classic PTV stuff, but as I listened to it I might of figured out the meaning of this track. In my opinion, I think this song is about the band feeling annoyed with fans who overdo it with the fandom, invade their private lives and are obsessed with them to an unhealthy extent. Once again this is hands down the one of the best or maybe even the best song they have ever made and the strongest track on the album. This is “Misadventures” version of “Hold On Till May”.

Track 5: Phantom Power And Ludicrous Speed

Pop punk fans this track is for you. Anyone who enjoys Pierce The Veils faster or heavier tracks, this one is for you and honestly they pull it off perfectly. If the band decided to make an album in a pop punk fashion they can do it and completely get away with it. It is fast, frantic, big sounding and made for a live show. Phantom power might not be made for a mosh pit, but it definitely gets the blood pumping. This track has made it into my work out playlist right next to bands like Slayer, Vektor, Behemoth and Avenged Sevenfold. The lyrics are quite interesting, but they stand in the shadow of the awesome intstrumentation. Overall this is a very fun song you listen to the moment you walk into the house on a Friday after school or work and you are getting ready to go to the bar with your friends.

Track 6: Circles

Circles is the third single off of this album. This is the most lyrically interesting track and probably the most mature track. If you haven’t heard this track by now, it is about the Paris terrorist attacks that occurred. You won’t realize that right away and think that it is another love song, but after a couple of listens it hits you hard. Guitars had the perfect tone and gave us the feeling of running or panicking. Vocals are really good and you can hear that Vic is giving it his all. Circles one of the most interesting songs on this album and over time will most probably become a “Pierce The Veil” classic

Track 7: Today I Saw The Whole World

In this track we see the hints of a heavier style or hint of punk. So far this album feels like a huge transition and this song is a really good example of that. “Today I saw the whole world” has the band hinting that they do want try new things and possibly stray away from the post-hardcore scene. This song might alienate a couple of fans who mainly listen to “Collide With The Sky”, but we have to realize that the band is slowly growing up so we have to be open to change and personally I love this track. The guitars are heavier than usual and concentrated. Both guitarists are talented and it is about time they show it off. Overall this song is a test song, it is trying to see our reactions to a different style and in my opinion they are on point with this track.

Track 8: Gold Medal Ribbon

Of all the songs on this, this one gave me a rough time. My first couple listens of the album, I didn’t really like it, but eventually it clicked. I started to hear the 80’s inspired synths and I really appreciated the fact that it is different. Gold Medal Ribbon has a very good sound and it is a rougher song to get into, but it is worth trying to stomach it. I appreciate the fact that they have a song like this on the record, because they are trying to do something a little new and it is a risk in some way. Even though it is hard to get into, it doesn’t cut the pace of this album. If anything it adds to the overall feeling of this album.


Track 9: Bedless

Once again the band is trying something a little different on this track. If you go back on youtube and watch the teaser trailer for the album, there is a shot where they are driving through a little town with pine trees, tons of sun and a blue sky. Bedless is exactly that, it sounds like you are going through the streets of California. This track is definitely my song of the summer and I will be listening to it non-stop on the beach in Greece. It has a chill-out guitars and an overall pop-lounge tone to it. Very strong track and an excellent addition to this album.

Track 10: Sambuka

Sambuka once again goes returns the listener to the punk side. This track felt like a continuation of “Bedless”. It feels like an aftermath and it keeps that summer/California vibe to it while being a little faster. Guitars sound doomy with a California flavour and the breakdown is probably the best they have ever made. I got goosebumps when I heard the breakdown and I was impressed at how different than the usual generic metalcore or post-hardcore breakdown. Sambuka is a standout heavy track on this record.

Track 11: Song for Isabelle

This might come to a surprise to some, but this is probably one of the weakest songs on the album. It is not weak because it is a bad song, but instead it is weak due to it being a step backwards for the band. So far the album is a step forward and they have done a very good job of progressing their sound. Even the lyrics feel like a flashback of “Collide with the sky” and maybe even their earlier stuff. As much as I don’t like this song, it ends very strong. The last lines of lyrics are excellent. When Vic says “Back in the days when I was young I’m not a kid anymore But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again” it really hits me. I just turned twenty and although I am not old there are moments where things just get too complicated for silly reasons. As kids we rush to grow up and when we do we wish we were young. It sounds cliché but it is a serious thought we all have multiple times in our life.


Misadventures is a really good record and a huge step-forward for the band. It feels like a transition album and many times those records are a little rough, but Pierce The Veil have pulled it off. Fans of the genre will love this album, but some of them might hate it due to their small experiments. Anyone outside the genre might not like this as much, but I would suggest giving it a chance. The four year wait is over and it was worth it.

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