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Peace loving 79 yr old woman faced with jail time for not completing candian survey for Arms manufacturer

With the 2016 survey sent out to every household in Canada, we should take the time to remember what happened only a few years ago. 79 year old Janet Churnin was convicted of violating the Statistics Act. She had faced a fine of up to 500$ and up to 3 months in jail. The judge Justice Cathy Mocha dismissed the 79 year old’s arguments, which centered on the violation of her Charter rights of freedom of expression and conscience, as well as an unreasonable search and seizure. When she took the stand Dec. 11, Churnin told court she refused to fill out the form because the data collected would be processed by software provided to Statistics Canada by American arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin. “I always feel that war is a terrible thing and we should try to resolve our differences by negotiation,” Churnin told court at Old City Hall that day. I a Canadian citizen born and raised is disgusted by what Canadian justice and politics have come down to. It seems as though the Canadian laws and the actions committed by the government are meant to constantly harass defenseless people while bailing out conglomerates such as Bombardier. Quebec has pledged US$1 billion of public money to go to Bombardier, the Government expects similar “Donations” from the other provinces. The government of Canada seems to think that jailing a woman and fining her for 0.000000039% of what they are giving to bombardier as a “Bailout” seems reasonable.Please share this article to everyone you know in order to spread awareness.

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