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Overwatch first impressions

Damn Blizzard back at it again with the good games! For those who are really curious and need a quick answer if the game is good do not worry, the game is really good. Now unto the impressions. Since the announcement of Overwatch I didn’t care that much for it, I probably even forgot about it for at least a year. I would read a couple articles on it here and there, maybe even watch a couple of stream for a five minutes, but I never really warmed up to the idea that Blizzard would be making an online only team-based shooter.


My whole life I have played Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft and World of Warcraft, so I was questioning one of the best game companies ever. A couple of weeks ago, Blizzard released an open beta on both consoles and PC and due to having finished any game I was playing around that time, I downloaded Overwatch. I played four matches and closed the game. I didn’t like it that much for some odd reason, so I decided to go play CS: GO. As I was playing I was getting frustrated and realized as much as I loved CS, I wasn’t having fun. The next day I decided to try out Overwatch again and the rest is history, I was hopelessly addicted. I will eat my humble pie and admit that Blizzard you pulled it off and made an excellent team-fps. The thing about this game is that you don’t feel this pressure about performing really well, because it doesn’t really reward you for having the best K/D ratio. Overwatch rewards you for playing the objective, making assists and playing your characters role. This leads into the character roster.

maxresdefaultThere are four types of characters.

We have attack, defense, tank and support. Usually when I play team based games I favour one class and the rest when chosen my performance is poor. In overwatch that is not the case. Characters have been made in such a way that you are encouraged to play everyone in each class. All the heroes are accessible, balanced, unique and fun. They are easy to pick up but hard to master. When each match starts, you are shown what heroes your team-mates are using in order to decide your class. Overwatch rewards teams whom are balanced with classes and figure out how to feed off of the strengths of each player.

So far this game has been an utter blast, but I do have one little complaint. The price is too high for a multiplayer only game. Other than that everything is great.

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