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Old man Logan #4 (2016)

Logan is back with issue four of his solo series and this time a familiar, yet different face stands in his

way. The issue starts off where the last one ended. Logan bumps into Steve Rogers and struggles to

believe that what he is seeing is real. Steve Rogers has aged and this really stumps Logan. He questions

it, because in his timeline Rogers stays young and in the blur, red, white costume. Quickly Logan falls

into a rage, thinking that Mysterio is messing with his mind. He doesn’t get far though, due to Hawkeye

and Rogers knocking him out with an arrow and shield.

This issue does not have much action, but

instead it concentrates on Logan dealing with the situation he is in. Writers do an excellent job of

making Logan understand that he is out of his own timeline and of course out of his universe. Reading

this issue, you really start to feel for him and the artists make sure you can see in his face, that he feels

defeated and hopeless. Rogers and Hawkeye take Logan to Alberta after they knocked him out. They do

this to show him their worlds Wolverines final resting place. This triggers Logans emotions and

eventually as he walks away he says “You said it yourself Wolverine is dead let me stay that way”. As the

comic reaches the end Logan goes on his own small journey through Canada and eventually bumps into

some friendly faces.

I will not spoil who he sees, but it got me excited for what is to come. Overall this

issue is a more emotional one and concentrates on what Logan is going through. I really enjoyed this

issue and I am happy they got the important story out of the way so we can get more berserker Logan in

the next issues.

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