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Old Man Logan #3

Everyones favourite old berserker savage is back with the third issue of his new ongoing series and well, spoiler alert it is still very good. From the cover of the issue one can guess that everyone’s favourite archer will be hanging out with his future buddy Logan. Well yeah, Hawkeye is in this issue but instead of Clint it is Katie Bishop. Now it seems like I am not too happy about that and I wasn’t at the start, but it turned out a thousand times better than I expected. In this issue Logan decides that he is going to find Hawkeye and get his help, but instead of finding Clint, he finds Katie Bishop the other Hawkeye. Now the two have an interesting team up and excellent dialogue, due to having the two different personalities. On one side we have our favourite brooding old man and then we have the sarcastic, serious and humorous Hawkeye. Issue three is my favourite so far, because I find they handled the team up very well and proved that this Logan is the best at what he does and what he does is not very nice. This issue does not have a lot of action, mostly dialogue and like I mentioned earlier the dialogue is quite good. The action at the end of the issue happens and raises an interesting question for the character, which helps the story stay interesting. Overall the comic continues to be excellent. Old Man Logan’s new run is the darkest it has been and the strongest it has been. As I said last time this comic is a must follow.

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