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New Google VR Platform!!

Today was google’s I/O keynote where they announced Daydream. Now what is Daydream but im guessing you click the post so you know.. Daydream is a VR platform that’s built off of Android. Google says that phones that will support Daydream, as well as VR headsets and motion controllers, will be available this fall. Im sure you know about Cardboard VR, the previous google platform. Well this is kind of like that. Google is taking the samsung gear path and using your phone to power both the VR Software and Hardware. But theres bad news, sadly daydream will only work is specific daydream built phones that will apparently contain different types of sensors that daydream uses. Fear not, at least it wont only be one company but eight partering with google to support their vr platform. Google has announced that it has partnered with Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, HTC, LG, Alcatel and Asus. Theres more good news! Google has already worked with extremely large companies to offer apps including Ubisoft and EA. Thats all for now but we will keep you updated as new news comes out.

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