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Moon Knight #1 (2016)

Three weeks ago, I was reading an Avengers comic and inside the issue, there was an ad for Moon

Knight. I was unaware that he was getting a run in the “All-New, All-Different” era of Marvel comics and

it caught my curiosity. I remembered his last run in the “Marvel NOW’ era, but I was not the biggest fan

of it. It was very hit and miss in my opinion. It felt like a coin toss, some issue were good some were

average, so my expectations for this run were relatively moderate. Before I begin I must say that, after

reading this comic I had a very interesting feeling. Nothing about this book feels Marvel. From start to

finish it feels like an indie comic. From the moment you see the art, you realize that this book will have a

dark tone to it. Moon Knight has a horror comic feeling to it and keeps it from feeling too ridiculous. The

way the art looks distorted and dirty, helps the reader step into the shoes of the main characters

messed up mind. Just by looking at it I understand that everything in that world is distorted and broken.

The story is excellent, simple but excellent. Moon Knight is in a mental hospital and is starting to

question what is reality and what is in his head. Multiple times we see that Moon Knight is who he says

he is and that the world he speaks of is true, but other times we see that the doctors are right, that it is

all fake. I was extremely impressed with how much this book plays with your head. By the end of this

issue, my mind has been tampered with and has excited me beyond belief for the next issue. I have

nothing more to say about this amazing book, aside from please do yourself a favor and go buy it. Don’t

f*ck this up marvel, you have something special here!

What do you think?

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