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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2 (2016)

After an excellent first issue of the highly anticipated Might Morphin Power Rangers comic, Boom!

Studios is back with issue 2 and holy truck talk about consistent. Now if you did not catch the first issue

of this series, know that the story takes place right when Tommy the green ranger has betrayed Rita

Repulsa and joined the Power Rangers. This issue starts off with Billy and Trinny in the Dragon zord

looking for faults or glitches. The two have a really good conversation and give a taste of both characters

personalities, especially if you were not alive for the original Power Rangers. Something very smart

about this dialogue is that we get the impression that there might be issues between the team itself. In

the television series everything was happy go lucky and perfect, but here our heroes are humanized.

Aside from issues within the original team, we continue the Tommy/ Green Ranger storyline. This issue

really shows off how much of a toll this whole situation has taken on Tommy. At home, while his mother

is outside his room, he is attacked by a certain villain and for safety he teleports himself and the villain

to a forest. As this occurs Kimberly visits the red ranger at the dojo he goes to in order to talk to him

about a personal situation. Like I said this issue does a really good job of making these characters feel

more human and dare I say, teenage. The green ranger continues to fight, but is slowly outnumbered.

Zordon quickly informs the rangers to go help Tommy. Eventually the rangers are able to fight off

Scorpina and the putties, but that was not the end of the night. The main ranger team get into a

confused argument with Tommy. Overall the end of the issue shows the beginning of the downfall of the

green ranger. He is slowly deteriorating mentally and as a ranger. The story continues to be entertaining

and the action feels as old school as possible. I highly recommend this series, if you haven’t already

started it, please start it now before the big storyline begins.

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