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Invincible Iron Man #8 (2016)

After Rhodey is sent to Tokyo by Tony, War Machine goes missing. Not being able to contact or trace

him Tony decides to go look for him. Now I love team ups, my favorite being Superman and Batman, but

in this case we have a special appearance from Spiderman. Any team up including Spiderman, is

destined to include good laughs and awesome action moments. The Spider and Iron Man search around

Tokyo for War Machine. During that small period of time the two have excellent dialogue. Of course

Spidey is always humorous, but this time Tony is not in the mood for banter. I really liked that Tony was

serious, this time around. It shows the type of relationship he has with Rhodey. Serious Tony is also

special, because usually he is witty and sarcastic, but when he turns serious you know that things have

gone bad. In this issue we get a small flash back to a couple of hours before Iron Man meets with

Spiderman, where he is about to leave and says some final things to his new assistant Marry Jane. So far

the Marry Jane side-story feels a little pointless, but I have a good feeling that she will play a big role

later on. Finally, the duo is able to find James Rhodes but not War Machine. The War Machine armor has

been consumed by mystery villain and has become this huge iron monster. There is a lot of action in this

issue, showing off that Rhodey doesn’t need to the armor to be a good fighter. Overall this issue is fun

and concludes the search for Rhodey, but has the reader come up with new questions. The ending is

excellent and has me excited and worried about what is coming. Invincible Iron Man continues to deliver

and keep us entertained.

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