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Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five #7 (2016)

Injustice gods among us year five has been very consistent with the quality of its issues. The story has

progressed and seems to be running out of things to give us. Now the sides have been clear for a long

time now and the theme of being split between two sides has been absent, until now. Issue seven is

focused on one character and that character is Damian Wayne. Damian has been on Superman’s side for

some time, but in this issue he is questioning himself. At the start of the issue Damian returns to the bat-

cave and finds Alfred cleaning up. Even though they are on opposing sides the two engage in a very

interesting conversation, that really shows that Damian is still young and inexperienced. I was expecting

Damian to lose his temper, but instead he takes what Alfred tells him to heart and thinks for himself.

Overall issue seven deals with Damian feeling worried that maybe he has been wrong. It even shows

how young and reckless he is when he decides to interrupt a villain meeting. Damian is severely

outnumbered, but fends for himself. Eventually the numbers get to him and dead Nightwing is able to

possess a body of a villain and help him out after he is knocked out. The issue ends with Damian waking

up at the infirmary and finding a birthday gift waiting for him. This is gift is the passing of the torch.

Damian finally dawns the Nightwing costume. My final thoughts for this issue are super positive. I really

enjoyed this issue and it made me love the character of Damian even more. We see that there is some

type of method behind the madness and that he just looks to help the world, no matter the cost.

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