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Harley Quinn #1 Rebirth Review

If you have been to any comic or gaming convention over the past few years, you most probably have realized that there are more people cosplaying as Harley Quinn than any other hero in this universe. Harley has become an extremely popular character and it shows in the amount of cosplay, appearances in video games, mainstream media and obviously the comics. For a long time she was Mistah J’s girl, but in the New 52, her and the clown prince went their separate ways. Eventually she got into the Suicide Squad and had an excellent solo series. In her solo series, she was built to be a hero who will do bad guy things to get justice. Harley’s books had a heavy comedy element to them and it helped her books become a little more accessible.  Now I am not here to talk about her past series, instead I’ll be reviewing her first issue in the Rebirth line of comics. Well this issue doesn’t include a Harley Quinn rebirth or a return to old, but instead it’s more of the same. That isn’t a bad thing though, because the formula was already good. Right from the start Harley takes a couple of pages to introduce herself to new readers and gives a quick origin story. The Harley series is good because it is aware it is silly and it doesn’t try to act like something it isn’t. Tradition continues with this issue, when aliens and zombies are introduced. I wasn’t really sure about this addition, but due to Harley being such a good and fun character, I am interested in seeing how her and her gang will react to the whole situation. Overall this book has everything you want from a Harley series and tries to be as zany as possible. Comedy was on par, action was fun and it has me interested to see what happens next. This book is for readers who want something a little more light hearted and fun, it is a must buy.

Harley Quinn #1 Rebirth Review

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I couldnt find a high res pic of the painting in BVS so i tried to make one.

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