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Green Arrow Rebirth #1 Review

Here is my take on the Green Arrow Rebirth #1.

Both DC and Marvel have their version of an archer. On both sides, fans sometimes tend to not care about them and maybe call them irrelevant and boring. Marvels archer, Hawkeye had an excellent book by Matt Fraction and David Aja, whom really catapulted the characters popularity. DC on the other hand decided to make Green Arrow dark and gritty, all while having one or two alright runs. What worked well for Marvel, is that they understood that many people didn’t take Hawkeye seriously, so they ran with it. The book was humorous and self-aware, but also had its serious moments. Green Arrow in the New 52 started off alright, but only got worse from there. So what do you do with a character like Oliver Queen? Well aside from bring back the old school feeling, you make him a little more light hearted. With this issue, we see a bachelor Oli. The writers are aware that he has his funny moments, that he is a rich kid, but they also make a point of showing that he does stand for something. In this issue we see Green Arrow deal with a smaller issue, which eventually ends up being part of a bigger problem. Something that was absent from the Green Arrow books since the start of the New 52, was love. Oli is known for being in a relationship with Black Canary and generally a flirter. By the end of this issue we see all of that come back. Like I said in my Superman Rebirth review, this book brings back that old DC feeling. I am not sure how to explain it yet, but everything so far feels just right. I am really impressed with all the rebirth comics so far and I must admit that this issue was one of my favourite. Green Arrow fans, he is back and better than ever.

Green Arrow Rebirth #1 Review

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