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Google Allo now on desktop

Google finally released the Allo service on another playform! Android users will be able to connect their accounts to a desktop version of the app. That means that IPhone users and all 3 Windows phone users wont be able to use it. No word on when it will be avaliable but Google did say support is coming soon.

Some features wont be avaliable online at launch, such as:

  • Managing your Google accounts, that means no connecting switching or removing
  • Managing existing group members, you can add or remove them
  • No backing up info, notifications and privacy setting
  • Sadly no chat features like, deleting a conversation, blocking someone, or starting a chat with someone not in your contacts

Enough talk, here is how to get it done.

  1. Google and Comicstacks both recommend you update your Android to the latest version before using it on the web. *It takes 2 seconds, just do it
  2. Open Allo on your phone and scan the QR code thats on the Allo website.
  3. You’re all set, have fun

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