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Drake- Views First thoughts

Since his last retail released Ep, Drake the Toronto rapper has been hyping up his full album release

“Views from the six”. The title later changed to “Views”, but the hype remained the same. After listening

to it for the third time I can safely say that I am still not impressed. Maybe it is the amount of hype that

sky rocketed my expectations way too high or I am simply getting bored of Drake. It can also be that this

album is simply not really good. After listening to Pop Style, I was excited that we would get more dark

beats and smothering atmosphere, but then I heard One Dance. I was not happy with One Dance and it

scare me a tad. As time went by and more listens to Pop Style, I was finally ready for the full thing. The

first listen was alright, yet underwhelming. Second listen, I convinced myself that it was better and that I

liked it. Third time, it did nothing for me. Before I give my full review I need a couple of more listens, but

my hopes are low. The stand out tracks for me are Pop Style, Keep the family close and Still Here.

Weakest tracks on this album are With you and One Dance. Hardcore Drake fans will like this record for

sure, but anybody else will feel underwhelmed.

What do you think?

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