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Deadpool & The Mercs For Money #1 (2016)

In the first issue of Deadpool after the Secret Wars event, we see Deadpool has become the most

popular hero in the world and has made a ton of money, making him the new Tony Stark in the financial

front of the Marvel universe. We also see that he has his own team of mercenaries that help him do jobs

for people and dress up as him for the first or so issues. As the issues go by we see less and less of the

team, leaving us wanting more of them. It is obvious that Deadpool himself is the main character of his

own self-titled series, but Marvel decided to make a team series called Deadpool and the Mercs for

Money, which concentrates on the team and their leader. The question is it good or is it bad. Well the

answer is neither. It’s just more Deadpool. The artwork is really good for a Deadpool comic and keeps

things feel serious yet silly. The dialogue is as usual funny and full of character. As expected the comic is

full of action and right from the get go starts with it. Story wise this issue is slightly poor. The issue really

starts off half way through when they reach a point for a job and they are attacked by a group called The

Crazy Gang. Personally I don’t know what I was expecting from this series, but I was not impressed. It

was straight forward and a tad boring. I would not recommend this issue and if you really want a

Deadpool comic go read his self-titled.

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