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Deadpool and The Mercs For Money #2 (2016)

After a deadly average first issue, Deadpool and his Mercs are back with a second issue. After the first

issue in which they found this mysterious robot body and decide to auction it to villains, the second

issue begins with them attempting to make deals. We start off with someone speaking to Taskmaster

and asking him for his services to kill Deadpool. As the book moves on we see Stingray in this base

waiting around and securing the robot body which is spouting random sentences. The interesting part

about this is that the robot is able to predict that Stingrays phone was about to ring. Eventually one of

the villains the mercs are trying to deal with tells them that there is more to the robot than they think.

Once again this series doesn’t do much and kinda falls flat. The story is still slightly boring and the robot

storyline was predictable. Overall this issue once again is average, until the very end when Taskmaster

meets a mystery character. I can’t really recommend this issue, but I would recommend to check out the

next one just to see what the mystery character does in the series.

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