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Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1

In 1986, Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, created a master piece. Even a Superman fan like me is fully aware that “The Dark Knight Returns” is a classic that all comic book fans should read. Even though in my opinion Miller didn’t handle Superman correctly, I still love the book and praise it. In 2002, “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” was released and was received poorly. This left a bad taste in the mouth of the fans and any hopes or wants of a sequel met their demise. Eventually in 2015 it happened. A sequel to the Dark Knight Strikes Again was announced and this time it would have Brian Azzarello and Frank Miller writing. In December 2015 the first issue was released and well it’s interesting. The issue starts off with a criminal running from the police. One of the cops is about to shoot him and then a myth invades the real world, Batman has just jumped on the cop car. The scene changes to Commissioner Yindel being “smothered” by press and asked about the return of the Batman. Right away the reader hopes that this series will be very Batman centric, but that dream is quickly burnt as we’re introduced to Wonder Woman whom is holding a little baby. Right after that they show us Lara the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman, who is going to visit her dad at the fortress of solitude in hope that he wakes up from his frozen slumber. The first issue does a great job of introducing characters and the world, but it doesn’t really explain much about the story. Only towards the end do we get that a part of the story is the question of where is Bruce Wayne. The art work of the series I find is excellent. It has a dark, gritty feeling to it and has one of the best looking Gothams I have ever seen. As a first issue it does good enough. It introduces the main characters and shows off the setting, but the story is a little weak until the very end. Personally it took me a couple of reads to warm up to it, but I must admit that I am excited for the series.

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