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Dark Knight III #3

We are right back at it again with another Dark Knight III: The Master Race issue and holy Zod, they gave us quite the issue. In the first issue there was the question of where is Bruce Wayne and in the second issue we had Carrie Kelly yelling out Bruce Wayne is dead. Well in issue three, we find out that Bruce Wayne is alive and pissed off. He is not too happy that this so called Master Race is out to take over the earth and is killing innocents in the meantime, but something really interesting happens in this issue. This might surprise a couple of Batman fans, but Mister Wayne goes looking for Superman, in need of his help. As Bruce and Carrie are trying their best to get him out of his frozen coma, Kelly says something that causes Superman to awaken. Superman is the scariest he has looked in a long time and isn’t too happy about what the Master Race is doing. The book has the perfect amount of story and helps the reader realize that this is a series to stick to. Last issue we are introduced to the villains of the story, but didn’t see them in action. This time around, we truly see how vile and disgusting they are. Writers prove to us that they care very little about the human race, but mostly care about the land and ruling. They give the world leaders three days in order to make choice. The world conforms to them or they burn. What does the world answer? Wait no that’s not the right question. What does Batman have to say to that? Go to hell! Those are the exact words that Batman told these super powered terrorists. The overall flow of the book is really good and it keeps you on the edge of your seat every second of it. In conclusion I don’t have to say anything else other than go buy this damn book.

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