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Dark Knight III #2

Finally the highly anticipated second issue to the third part of the Dark Knight series has been released and I must say it starts off really strong. After finding out the identity of the Batman who attacked the cops was Carrie Kelly, the GCPD arrested her. As they were shoving her bloodied body in the cop her she yells “Bruce Wayne is dead!” multiple times. Now the average comic fan would believe this, but by now we should all know that the original Batman doesn’t go down easily! Or does he? My main complaint with the first issue was that it didn’t really include much story and thankfully that isn’t the case with this one. Right from the start of the issue, the writers start to setup the story. Carrie Kelly escapes while she is being transferred, with the help of the bat-tank. Aside from the Bruce Wayne storyline, we are introduced to the Atom, AKA Dr. Palmer who is trying to make a device that will help him grow the Kandorians to full size. His experiment is a success, but failed humanity. Dr. Palmer helped grow a group of radical Kandorians who are now out to take over the planet, thus helping the title of the book (The Master Race) make more sense. This is a really good issue that gets things moving in the series and helps improve what they had in the last issue. Overall this is a turning point for anyone who was turned off on the series by the first issue. Personally I would recommend to whoever didn’t buy the first issue, to buy it alongside the second one, because this series is going to help Mark Millar reclaim his throne as the best Batman writer.

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