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Crossover Storylines, are there too many ?

At this point we have all established that we love comics. We love reading them, talking about them, debating about who is the best character and most importantly. We love collecting the figures or statues. We simply cannot have enough of comic book culture, but is that the case at all times? Will there be a moment when we’ve had enough of comic-book crossover storylines?
Over the past couple of years, we have seen reboots, re-launches and a plethora of crossover storylines. Both DC and Marvel have given us reboots and relaunches with events like Secret Wars and Flashpoint. The Marvel side gave the “All-New All Different” line of comics and on the DC side we got the infamous “New 52”. Both of those events were well written and loved by comic fans all over the world, but it seems over the years both companies seem to be using crossover storylines as crutches and or an excuse to put a bunch of characters in the same book. Now don’t get me wrong, I love it when a bunch of characters get together for a huge battle, but when it constantly happens it gets a little stale. Events should feel like a special occasion, not only for the reader’s interest, but to also make the villain seem strong. If bad guys keep showing up and keep getting beaten within an inch of their lives by the group of heroes, why should I believe that the new villain who has appeared is going to win or at least shake up the comic universe.
crossover storylines
This past year alone Marvel released Avengers: Standoff and Civil War II. DC on the other hand had crossover storylines like Robin War and instead concentrated on releasing DC Rebirth, which worked as a soft-relaunch. DC kept it down to one event/relaunch and delivered with a return to pre-New 52 style of books. Marvel was coming off of Secret Wars and everything after that was excellent, until Avengers: Standoff. I and many others weren’t ready for an event, especially after a huge event like Secret Wars. The event came out, but in my opinion fell flat. It was an okay read, but it got boring and didn’t feel grand like an event should. Maybe it was the advertising like “The next big event is coming” got me overly excited and I had unrealistic expectations. Eventually, they started teasing Civil War II, which made Standoff feel irrelevant. Once again, this storyline had some big moments, but the reason behind the conflict could have easily been discussed between the two parties, saving the conflict.
Comic book events are fun and I always look forward to them, but they need to embrace their names. I am not saying that companies should release an crossover every two years, but they need to make sure the event fits in the overall storyline and that it will have some type of effect on the universe of the book. Let us know what you guys think in the comment section or even write a response to the article.

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