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Captain Marvel #2 (2016)

After a very strong first issue, can the Captain Marvel team follow up with an equally good issue? The

answer is no. They followed up with an even better issue. Being a fan of the horror genre in general may

it be movies or comic, I was really surprised and ecstatic to see this issue take a sci-fi horror movie

direction. This issue didn’t feel like Captain Marvel was stepping into this horror world. It felt natural and

as a character was able to fit in the whole scenery. Atmosphere is excellent in this book, by balancing

the horror and superhero elements. The Captains team enters this spaceship that seems to be

abandoned. As the team walks through the ship, a huge amount of goo and alien babies fall from the

ceiling, which is a must if you are going to write an alien/sci-fi inspired book. Eventually the group is

attacked by a swarm of aliens and attempt to fight them. In the end they are able to fight them off and

escape back to their ship. I don’t want to spoil too much, because there are many storyline based things

that happen in this issue. Overall Captain Marvel continues to amaze and keep me hooked.

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