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The top 5 Best video game magazines

Best video game magazine


If you are reading this, there is a very good chance you are a gamer. In the chance you aren’t then let me tell you this. There is more to gaming than just sitting in front of a screen for hours on end. Over the years, game developers have created characters and story we love, thus creating a community that loves talking about their favourites. When we don’t have a new game to buy, gamers also buy merchandise based on those favourite characters. Franchises like Super Mario and Zelda have crazy amounts of merchandise. Anything from a plush doll to shot glasses, some company has made it.


What were trying to say is..

The main point here is that gamers love their hobby and they love sharing the fandom with others. So before the internet was a part of every household, where else did gamers read about others opinions, tips and news? For those who are not old enough to guess, back in the day we had something called gaming magazines. Reviews, news, tips, cheat codes and fan letters all in one, once a month. Every gamer used to look forward to the day to get their magazine. Personally, I remember running to the magazine section every time I was at the Chapters book store in hope of finding a new magazine.

So as the traditional gaming magazine becoming less relevant or turning digital, let’s look back and see which ones were the best.

So finally, here are the top 5 Best video game magazines.

5: EGM

Best video game magazines

4: Playstation Magazine

Best video game magazines

3: PC Gamer

Best video game magazines


Best video game magazines

1: Nintendo Power

Best video game magazines


Is there something we didn’t say? Agree or disagree with us? Leave a comment below and let us know !

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