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Batman #5 Rebirth Review

What happens the day when a being with unknown amounts of power comes down from the sky and vows to end Gotham City? Will Batman be able to stop this being? In issue five, Gotham has finally gone mad and begins to blame the city for the tragedies that previously occurred. There is no time to waste and Batman is on his way to the scene, but until he arrives he needs someone to distract Gotham. Of all people he could have called up, Alfred was chosen to wear the cowl and be Batman for a few moments. As much as I would love to have seen Alfred wear the bat symbol longer, Gotham walks away from him and that is when the real Batman attacks. Issue five is extremely intense with its action and even gives the readers a treat by having the Justice League join the battle against Gotham. The battle between the league and Gotham falls a little short due to Gotham having the power to adapt to each hero, thus making the fight one sided and fast. This was a huge disappointment to me, but they save it with its shock ending. I don’t want to spoil what happens, but what occurs comes out of nowhere and leaves the reader in utter silence. Overall this book was good, but disappointed with the battle. That should not stop you from buying this issue, because the end of this book concludes one story but a whole new mystery begins.

Batman #5 Rebirth Review

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