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Batman #3 Rebirth Review

Batman Rebirth is back once again with issue three and this time around the book starts with an origin story. Gotham and Gotham Girl came out of nowhere, with little to no explanation for them. When Gotham was a young boy, he and his family were saved by Batman when they were attacked by a criminal in an alley, similar to Bruce Wayne. Young Gotham was inspired by Batman after hearing a speech he gave him. This was my favourite part of the book, because it really shows that Batman is a legend. He inspires everyone, even if they aren’t a young hero. It is very important that we see how Batman affects Gotham City and its people, because it adds to his long and great legacy. It also makes him feel more human than boring one dimensional superhero. As the book continues, we see what the super powered duo goes through to reach the point they are at and how Batman played a part in all of it. Finally the book ends with the Gotham duo and Batman doing some simple saving, but something goes wrong and our two new heroes end up meeting up with Hugo Strange. Overall this issue deals with a lot of story, but this is not a bad thing, it keeps things fresh and interesting for the reader and once again the ending keeps you waiting for the next issue.

Batman #3 Rebirth Review

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