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Batman #2 Rebirth Review

After such a big start for issue one of Batman Rebirth, can they keep up the pace and quality? The answer is yes and very well at that. The issue doesn’t take a moment to breath and starts off with a fight between Gotham and Gotham girl against Solomon Grundy. The fight starts to get out of hand, when they start leave collateral damage behind them. Of course Batman being the mentor he is, intervened and ended the fight, but in the end explained to the super powered duo what they did wrong. I really enjoy the fact that the writers are showing off Batmans experience and knowledge. When Batman mentors the Gotham duo, it gives the reader a feeling of continuity, that Bruce has been through a lot and that he can offer people something more than justice. This issue really bases itself around Batman as a mentor. We see him help out the young heroes and show them the ropes, but we also see him accept the fact that maybe one day he won’t be around to keep Gotham safe, so he future proofs. Aside from character centric moments, the book slowly begins to set up the story arc and reveals the villain. The introduction of Hugo Strange is well done, because it reveals just enough for you to be interested but also to get excited for the next issue. At the start of this series I was missing the New 52 horror style of Batman, but with issue two I can confirm my interest has been cemented. Ladies and gentlemen, this issue is where Batman Rebirth truly begins. Go out and buy this.

Batman #2 Rebirth Review

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