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Batman # 1 Rebirth Review

Before I get to the review I want to get something out of my system first. Even though I have been a Superman fan my whole life, I must admit that Batman had the best series in the New 52 era. Aside from being a comic fan, I also love horror may it be games, movies, books or comics and Batman had that horror feeling to it during its New 52 run. When I read the Rebirth one shot it was still there, but it wasn’t done well and overall the book was boring to me. I was disappointed that the most popular hero didn’t get a good one-shot and it killed the excitement I had for the first issue. As I picked up this issue I was a little hesitant, but that’s why I am writing this review so you guys are not. Batman issue one plays like a thrash metal song, fast, loud and intense. Batman is on a roof talking to the commissioner and at that moment a plane catches fire and is starting to descent at high speed. Of course Batman being Batman, he came up with a plan before anyone had realized and before you know it, he was on top of the plane. It was an interesting choice to have a crashing plane in this issue, but it proves that Batman will risk his life for anything as long as he can save the ones in danger. Throughout this issue, Batman pretty much just deals with saving the passengers of this plane, but let’s face it, this isn’t a Mission Impossible film. I was slightly bored with this issue because it was just the writers making Batman look like he can do anything and he will always figure it out. There isn’t much to talk about from this issue, because not a lot happened until the very end of the issue and what happened was only one page. This issue is not worth your hard earned money, so I would recommend either google the ending or next time you walk into your local comic shop open the issue to the last page.

Batman # 1 Rebirth Review

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