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Angela: Queen of Hel #1

After a pretty interesting first run of comics (Angela: Asgard’s Assassin) and an excellent Secret Wars tie-in (1602: Witch Hunter Angela), Angela is back and is on the highway to hell. As the name of the book suggests, the comic takes place in everyones favourite resort, Hel and I must say it is quite pleasant. Now it seems like I am being sarcastic, but in reality I am not. The book starts off with Angela and Sera battling side by side, with Sera narrating. Throughout these pages the one character that shines the most is not the title character, but instead her partner Sera. She is sarcastic when she is in a hard situation or nervous, she is serious when needs to be and keeps the reader guessing which side she is on towards the end of the first issue. Angela continues to be a complete and utter badass, with excellent dialogue that keeps her serious, warrior personality but strays from being boring. She truly acts, fights and talks like a true warrior king. The story of the first issue is above average, which doesn’t bother me because it is only the first issue and the writers make it clear a couple of times that the plot thickens. The art is alright, it isn’t the greatest and I wish they went back to the 1602: Witch Hunter Angela art style, but it slowly grows on you. This book has a good balance of action and story/dialogue, which gets the reader interested in the series and makes them want to come back. Overall the book feels a bit like a softcore Game of Thrones inspired comic, but still feels like a Marvel book. In conclusion the book is alright, worth a read and a general follow for the series.

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