An X-Revival

“To be reborn you must die”

Ladies and gentlemen let’s face it, the X-Men have not been cool in ages. Over the years there have been quality X-Men storylines, but a lot of the books tend to be filler and subpar. This is disappointing, because the X-Men have many iconic heroes and villains, which with the right writing power we can get excellent stories. What is more disappointing, is that to an extent Marvel attempted to purposefully sabotage the X-Men and make the Inhumans the main super power team due to not having the movie rights to the X-Men.

Things have not been normal for Marvels mutants for a long time. Multiple villains and parties have attempted to take them out of the picture and multiple writers have done the same by writing storylines about their kind being extinguished. The idea of the mutants very existence being at stake is a good idea for a story but it can only be done so many times until it gets boring. Inhumans VS Xmen was the latest event that threatened to get rid of them and it was met with average reviews.

I must admit that before the new line of X-Men comics were officially released, I could not care less for them and I was planning on officially quitting on the series for good. Seeing the promotional material and previews these new X-Men books weren’t doing much to regain my confidence in them. Come release of the X-Men prime book, while at my favourite comic shop I saw it and the kid in me gave in and gave the mutants the millionth second chance.  Thankfully, I am extremely happy I bought the issue, because Prime and every issue of Gold, Blue and Weapon X are a return to form.

X-Men Prime worked as a small taste of the new line of books and did an excellent job of giving the reader a good idea of how they will be moving forward with the series. So far, all these books have been able to portray what the X-Men should be, a team. In Prime, it was fun to read the dialogue between characters and see some positivity for once.  Amidst all the negativity and bad situations, characters were able to find the positive light and work as a team, which the X-Men are known for. There is hope in the books again. The main three X-Men titles are X-Men Blue, Gold and Weapon X. Blue follows the young heroes that were taken from the past and brought into the future. The team consists of the classic lineup and is made for the young generation whom never experienced the classic line-up, but also for the older crowd who miss the leader/team dynamic. X-Men Gold on the other hand can be enjoyed by the younger generation, but it is very much a legacy book. Gold follows the older team. Everybody is much more experienced and deal with political problems. Both books are top notch and are worth your money. Finally, we have Weapon X. This is the darker book, with the unlikely team ups as it follows the anti-hero style characters like Wolverine, Sabretooth and Warpath. It is the weakest of the three main books, but it is still a good read. The first two issues are on the slower side, but the series will be firing on all cylinders by issue six or seven. In this difficult period for Marvel, I believe that the X-Men might be the ones to really help them regain their strength. Nothing feels pressured and everything that goes on in the books is interesting and has an old school feel to it. I feel like I can finally say it with confidence. The X-Men are back!

So, what did you think of the new X-Men books? Is it a return to form or did they fall short for the billionth time? Let us know in the comments and keep the conversation going!

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