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Action Comics #957 Review

What happens one of the greatest heroes of all time dies? Does another hero come to Metropolis and

take over? Well in Action Comics the unthinkable happens. Lex Luthor, Supermans greatest enemy has

decided to take on the mantle of Superman and people are surprised to say the least. The book starts

off with a hostage situation and right away we see that it is not the usual Superman that answers the

call. Super-Lex saves the day, as he makes his debut as an armoured hero who will be paying tribute to

the fallen Kal-El. The issue follows two supermen, Lex Luthor and old school Clarke. As Kal is moving into

his new house with his family, he sees the news and right away flies to the scene. This version of

Superman does not know that Luthor joined the Justice League and in some odd way is a good guy, so

he attacks without a second thought. Now I won’t spoil the rest of this book, but I must admit that it is

packed with content and it definitely has me excited for the Action Comics line of books. I enjoyed

everything about this book. The story feels fresh, even though I wasn’t too happy about Luthor being a

new Superman. There were a couple of little questions that were left, that will probably be answered in

coming issues. Reading the book, it didn’t feel like a chore to go through and it had this sense of

excitement that has been absent for a good amount of time in DC Comics. Just as I mentioned in my

Superman Rebirth one shot review, these new comics have this sense of legacy that the new 52 was

lacking. Overall I loved this issue and it was one of the better ones from the new line. I would

recommend this book to everyone, including those who haven’t read a Superman book in a while.

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