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6 things to do in Montreal.

6. Gaming + Drinking = fun. Simple math people, get to Arcade MTL with your friends and try to drunkenly beat there high scores. 12779057_721674147935108_1907609949169728818_o


5. Love games? How about you jump into one! A/MAZE puts you right into the action by throwing you in a surreal environment. With one opening up in the Fairview mall us west-islanders have no excuse! v3701xcnjmAMaze


4. Into movies? Go to Québec Cinema Festival 2016. It starts 5pm Friday and ends the same time as the weekend. Get to  335 boul. De Maisonneuve Est and get some quebec culture in your veins. 



3. Over 18? Get down to Pot Masson. Whats better then Alcohol + Popsicle’s, nothing.. Its a great place to chill with your friends on a hot friday! Get over there, 3141 Rue Masson. 



2. Im not going to ask you if you like eating. So stop eating healthy and take a cheat day with one of the many street vendors at old port!  From tacos to lobster roll’s you wont be left disappointed. 



1. Love music? Go to Piknic Electronique! With great names like  DJ Killa-Jewel and Vilify you cant go wrong this weekend.  


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