The world of gaming has changed forever.

Since the Atari, consoles have been the mainstream choice

for gaming and has been main piece in households all over the world. The other main source for gaming

has been the PC. In recent years, PC has been dominating the gaming world with its excellent graphics

and massive library of games. It gives gamers choice and power to modify the way they play their

favourite games. Many might even say that PC gaming has been slowly suffocating the console market

and has it in a corner. For obvious reasons of course, but many still prefer the couch gaming experience.


Over the past months, there have been rumours of this console generation either coming to an end or

each company releasing an upgraded version of their console. Thing is, both options are not very

popular with the fans. If Sony and Microsoft release new consoles, it would create a new generation and

render the current one meaningless. If they release upgraded versions or as some say “upgradeable”

versions, consoles become cheaper Pc’s, losing the whole console feeling. As I am writing this, I am still in shock after watching the Microsoft E3 press conference.



I truly can’t believe that they announced the Project Scorpio,


which seems to be a much more powerful version of the one, but also an upgradeable

console. At the end of the video where they tease the Scorpio, for a second I thought it was an

Alienware. I don’t know if I am happy about this announcement yet, but in a way I am not surprised. As

much as I love my PS4 to bitts, I feel like this generation was either rushed or they underestimated the

PC’s growing fan-base. If a new version of the PS4 comes out that has more power, I will buy it for sure,

but I will question why release the original one if it wasn’t ready yet. The gaming industry right now has

been changed like it or not. To many of you it might not sound as big, but when you start to feel

generation rust and you want a new Playstation or Xbox, you will probably only be able to change parts.

I wish I had more to say, but there isn’t enough information out there yet. So gamers, put your seat-

belts on cause our gaming journey is about to get bumpy. Ladies and gentlemen, this might be the

beginning of the death of the console.

What do you think?

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