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10 Best Games – Steam Summer Sale – 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, hide your wallets, throw your credit cards and unplug your computers, because the Steam Summer sale is back again. It’s always tough to decide what games to buy and trying to justify those purchases, especially when there are so many great games on the market. Thankfully you are not alone in this , we are here to be your guide on  your quest for greatest Steam purchases you’ll never play. So if you spend too much money this Steam summer sale, you can tell your wife it’s our fault.





10 Best Games - Steam Summer Sale - 2017


What else is there to say about Grand Theft Auto V that hasn’t already been said? It has a massive open world that lives and breathes, the story feels like it came straight out of Hollywood and the multiplayer is amongst the best in the industry. If you somehow have not played this yet or want to play it on PC now is the time. It now stands at 50% off on the Steam summer sale, which makes it a complete no brainer.



10 Best Games - Steam Summer Sale - 2017

Hotline Miami

Aside from great prices, the Steam summer sale puts a ton of games in the spotlight. Hotline Miami is an amazing game as is, but when it is 75% off, it really pushes those who haven’t witnessed it’s neon greatness to buy it. If you enjoy frantic, neon coloured, 80s era gory action, then please do yourself a favour and buy this classic.



10 Best Games - Steam Summer Sale - 2017

Civ 6 + XCOM 2

One of the greatest things during the Steam summer sale and the winter sale, are the great prices for bundles. Both Civilization 6 and Xcom 2 are fresh games. Aside from being new, they stand on the top of the strategy class, as they are both outstandingly well made games. If you love strategy games or plan to get into them, this bundle is a steal at 65% off.



10 Best Games - Steam Summer Sale - 2017

Dark Souls 3

Summer is great! Hot weather, bbq with friends, beaches and of course the Steam summer sale. If you want to ruin your fun summer, then go grab Dark Soul 3 at 60% off. The boys at From Software are back with another great Souls game, that will pound you into the ground. At the very least, the bosses are great fun, the scenery is top notch and the soundtrack is the best it has ever been.





10 Best Games - Steam Summer Sale - 2017

Fallout 4

Need some time off, but your boss won’t let you go on vacation? Fret not, because the Steam summer sale is selling one way tickets to Boston at 50% off. Bethesda return with another great entry into the Fallout series, as they send you on another adventure in the radioactive wastelands of Boston. The game has an expansive world to go through, tons of great loot, excellent quests to on and the new settlement system for those who have always wanted to create their own town. Warning though, we would not recommend dropping your children into any Deathclaw pits.


10 Best Games - Steam Summer Sale - 2017


Have you always wondered what it is like to be bald? Maybe a hitman? For some reason the Steam summer sale can hook you up with a great game that does just that for 66% off. Hitman: The complete first season, is another entry into the cult classic series Hitman. It has the difficulty of the older games, promotes creativity and requires concentration. It is simply a must buy.


10 Best Games - Steam Summer Sale - 2017

Arma 3

Call of Duty and Battlefield are not real enough? Counter Strike keeps giving you bad cases? Well go join the army or go to the Steam summer sale on your PC. Steam can provide you with anything, even with the experience of war. As odd as that is, ARMA 3 is 66% off and it is amongst the most realistic war games out there. If you enjoy patience, then this is your game.


10 Best Games - Steam Summer Sale - 2017

Resident Evil VII

Ever wonder what it’s like to have your wife chainsaw your hand off ?  Ever thought of hitting her with an axe? Well Resident Evil VII is the best domestic abuse simulator out there. Yes, the Steam summer sale can answer you sick questions with 40% off of REVII. Capcom has done a great job, making the player fear the unknown just like the old days.




10 Best Games - Steam Summer Sale - 2017

Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor might be the best game sale during the Steam summer sale. If you love the Lord of the Rings movies, then this is probably in your library already or plan on buying this. If you love the Batman games or action games in general, this is still a great buy especially when it is 80% off. The Nemesis system should sell you on the game alone, as it is amongst the most interesting system ever put in a game.


10 Best Games - Steam Summer Sale - 2017

Valve Complete Pack

It’s 91% off. Just do it.

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