Finally Google is making their own smartphone.

I know what everyone is thinking. “Hasnt Google already released their own smartphones?” Well the answer is no, google has always partnered with other smartphone manufacturers to produce their product. However today it has been revealed that Google will be moving ahead with their all new Modular Smartphone called ARA. We knew that the ara has been in the back pockets of google for a while now. Whether or not Google was going to release a consumer version of the project was still up in the air.


“Google Project Ara”

Google has confirmed that they will be moving the project from the ATAP reaserch lab into Google’s own unit. The new phone will be lead by Rick Osterloh the former Motorola president, so its safe to say that the project is in good hands. Unlike previous versions of modular smartphones it seems as though Google might actually pull it off. Following the days after the Google I/O conference they showed the early version of Ara. They showed the typical benefits of a modular phone, taking out the camera and put in the speaker. There  are a total of 6 slots, each component could fit in any slot.


When will i get it? (Release dates are obviously approximate)

We expect the developer version to get into early testers this fall. As for the consumer end of things it was said to release sometime in 2017.

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