Batman Rebirth #1 Review

Aside from being a huge comic nerd, I am also a horror-fiend. I love horror films, books, comics and

music. I don’t care how good or bad, if it has some type of horror element to it, I want it. When the New

52 came out, just like everyone else one of the first comics I picked up, were the Batman centric ones.

So far with my last few Rebirth reviews, my main complaint about the New 52 was that it was either too

dark or lacking the elements that made the heroes great. As the main Batman series went on, I was

slowly realizing that it was the darkest of all the comics DC was releasing. All the villains, felt like they

were doused in this horror movie gas and sent back to Gotham. I loved every single issue of the Batman

comics, because they all had this horror feeling to them. They felt grimy, uncomfortable and disgusting,

especially the Joker story arcs. In Batman Rebirth issue one, not much has changed. Horror elements are

still present, but a little toned down. One thing that really surprised me, was the choice of having

Calendar Man as the villain to start off the soft-reboot. Not much to say other than it is same old same

old. This is a good comic and a must follow for everyone, but this issue doesn’t feel much different to be

a notable purchase.

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