Batman #4 Rebirth Review

So far the Batman rebirth issues have been controlled. We’ve had an origin story, grand action, character building and a huge falling plan. Issue four, starts off with a boot in a pool of blood, a bunch of dead soldiers, the words “I AM GOTHAM” written in blood on the wall and a mentally broken Gotham Girl. Just like I said in my last review, something has truly gone wrong and Gotham has lost his mind. This issue includes less action-Bat and more detective-Bat. Bruce confronts Gotham, but he isn’t getting any straight answers. Being the greatest detective of all time, he obviously figures it out and goes straight to Amanda Waller and finds out what is really happening. Issue four keeps the story interesting with the mystery solving and lesser action. Within four issues, the writers were able to build new characters, reveal villains and bring back the Batman of old, with all his mentorship and legacy intact. Even though this issue is a build up for a big battle or some type of conclusion, it still feels important to the story and definitely does not feel filler. It works as a bridge and it adds to the overall story. Readers I don’t know what else to say here other than this is another excellent issue and more proof that DC Rebirth is a huge success.

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